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What Every HR manager, consultant and practioner should have

IT is not everyday that a lawyer is around HR personnel to advise them on legal matters. In most cases, the HR staff or practitioner must make timely decisions on their own. In many cases, the wrong procedure or poorly written notice to an employee becomes the basis of a labor case. Labor cases are won or lost depending primarily on how those who implement employee relations policies do their jobs. Without the basic knowledge on employment laws, this part of HR function can spell disaster for the company whether for wrongful suspension or termination.

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HR Forms, Notices and Contracts - Philippines

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DSWD Travel Consent Form

A minor child traveling from the Philippines to any country abroad must be accompanied by a parent.  If the child is unaccompanied by any of the two parents, he or she may be required to produce a travel clearance issued by the DSWD at the port of departure.  A travel clearance may be valid for one or two years, depending on the application of the parent. Click here to get the DSWD Travel Consent Form in PDF format.

Please note, however, children who are involved in an ongoing custody case may additionally have to obtain a court order approving the departure if a Hold Departure Order has already been issued in the case.

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Free form: Employment Offer Letter

Before starting employment, the company or employer sends an offer letter to the employee containing the terms of the employment.  A job description must be attached to the offer letter to complete the letter.  Once signed by the employee, a copy will be given to the employee and the original retained in the company’s 201 employment file or employer’s records. 

Get our free sample employment offer letter here in PDF format (you will need an acrobat reader to view it).

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Promissory Note – Free Form

This form is used to document salary loans made by employees from their employers. This format is ideal for loans that are payable in installments and deducted from the salaries of employees until fully paid.  Click here to get free promissory note form.

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Philippine Legal Form: Affidavit of Consent to Travel

This Affidavit of Consent to Travel form is often required of minors traveling without being accompanied by any of his/her parents.

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Philippine Legal Form: Affidavit of Illegitimacy

Illegitimate Filipino children may be issued Philippine passports upon application by their mother.  One of the documents required is the Affidavit of Illegitimacy to establish the status of the child.   Note that this form should also be accompanied by a Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) obtained from the National Statistics Office (NSO).

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Free Sample Termination Notice Forms

Get Free Sample Termination Notice Forms by sending your name, address, and email address at

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Articles of Incorporation for Setting up Company in Philippines

A corporation is the preferred business structure when starting a business in the Philippines. Its advantages include:

  •   separate juridical or legal identity
  •   single income tax rate
  •   shareholder or owner protection against lawsuits and financial liabilities
  •   easy transfer of ownership without disturbing existence of company
  •   loans negotiations

One of the requirements for company registration is the submission of the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. 

Fast company registration in the Philippines:

We also provide fast company registration in the Philippines if you want to set up a business without going through the hassles of dealing with government bureaucracy and endless paper trails.  Our business registration package consists of:

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Free Form – Establishment Termination Report

Click on the link to view the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment’s Establishment Termination Report (RKS Form 5) in Excel format. Open it or save it in your computer files for printing.  This form was obtained from the Department of Labor and Employment.

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